Sow’s ear to silk purse

Me and Wickes tile and melamine primer have been spending a lot of time together

Good grief.  I know that everybody on DIY forums goes on about how boring kitchen cupboard painting is, but it is PROPER boring.  And rather hard on the back.  It doesn’t help that I’m doing it in brief snatches when small person is asleep (i.e. Sunday afternoon and school day evenings).  But I’m getting there (except for the doors, which will be sprayed by a French polisher when he returns from his holiday).

What started as a battered, mouldy in places and yellow pine/fake pine laminate car crash is slowly taking shape.  The plan was to go for Farrow and Ball Pavillion Gray (why the American Spelling, F&B?), but now that it’s covered in white primer I’m seriously contemplating going for a white finish.  This is in no small way related to the fact that the Artex wall finish is a bugger to ‘cut in’ around neatly.  I also suspect I will need fewer top coats if I go white.  And when it is inevitably chipped the white primer won’t show through.  Hmm…

In other news, the decorators have finished, the builder’s coming on Thursday to complete his snagging list and the carpets are being fitted next Wednesday and Thursday.  The removals people are also coming next Thursday afternoon to MOVE US IN!  There is a small chance that the carpet fitters will still be working as the removal van arrives.  But I’m sure it will all be fine (she said, smiling somewhat maniacally).

As I finished tonight’s painting session I needed a little lift, so I fitted the paper shade in the  sitting room.  I absolutely love it, particularly as it was the last one and reduced to £6.  Yes, £6!  I probably should have waited until we had carpet.   But I did enjoy ten minutes’ day dreaming under it before I locked up for the night.

Bargain paper lamp shade from Next


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  1. 19th century modern squared N

    Oooh, it’s all getting very exciting now, I can’t wait to see the transformation from dingy dated to fresh and fabulous!!! Love the light shade bargain and well done with the cupboard painting, rather you then me!! Xxx

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