imageApologies for  for a slight hiatus (since March!).  This summer has been about vegetable experiments: peas, lettuce, courgettes, cavolo nero, tomato hanging baskets, cucumbers, spring onions and some lovely onion squash. The squash are the lowest yielding but the most satisfying, with several fat, beautiful, orange fruits dangling from hazel wig wams.  I’m just waiting for them to cure in the sun before we can start eating…



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4 responses to “Harvest

  1. Nicola Sinclair White

    Lovely to see a post, at least one of us is managing! Mine has been a much bigger hiatus (I haven’t checked but it must be two years!). You’re so green fingered these days, love it! Raspberries are my limit here, so been trying out sugar free raspberry muffin recipes for the littles, maybe I should post about that sometime. Lots of love Nx

    • B

      You have two very good excuses! I would love to grow some rasps but not got the room at the moment. I need to do some proper planning… x

  2. Sabs

    I’m impressed, that is such a gorgeous colour! Our gourd varieties are still not ready for picking, everything is definitely slower to ripen!

    • B

      Oh no is it an altitude issue? At least you have the polytunnel and plenty of space we are definitely in a pottering-round-the-edges gardening groove compared to you serious green-fingered pair! x

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