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The joy of proper windows – by B


So here are a couple of pictures of our first new timber sash window, well worth the three and a half year wait.  We had to replace the ancient UPVC window (with vertical lined frosted glass, limescale coating, blown seals and an upper pane with a permanent 2 inches of water inside) so that the bathroom could be fitted.  The old window made me sad every time I looked at it, and it wasn’t possible to see outside before.  Now I can look at the clouds while I’m in the shower.  And she’s made of wood!  And it’s so much warmer with no draughts (helped by the layer of solid wall insulation fitted underneath the tiles).

She is from Byng joinery, who fortunately are based a couple of miles away from us, and they use mass production methods you’d normally associate with UPVC to manufacture wooden windows.  I’ve had the rest of the house priced up but suffice to say it will have to wait.  This one cost about a grand once fitted – but that’s less than half the price of a bespoke wooden sash from an independent joiner (I got two other quotes), and the factory paint finish will last much longer.  The sash is so smooth!  I am going to get a half height glass screen to protect the lower half from the shower, but for now I just thoroughly dry the frame every time I shower.  I know UPVC makes more financial sense but I hate it so much I’d rather wait another five years for a full set of timber windows that will last, and not have all those horrid plasticky joins that collect dirt.  Is it possible to be in love with a piece of joinery?




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