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Some bits from the first two weeks

My antique print tray passed to me by my mum, filled with plastic tat and trinkets alongside my Great Gran’s thimble, my own nappy pin and a wooden rabbit with one ear from my Granny.

Last weekend – so cold we lit the fire in the evening

This weekend – 26 degrees and enjoying summer flowers from my folks

New sand pit made from old Belfast sink we found in the garden

New improvised decking and pots to stop small people damaging themselves (somebody should tell her about that label)

The Olympic flame passed the bottom of our road so it would have been rude to miss it, although it was rather an odd occasion with more police and sponsors than torch bearers

We’ve been living in the house for two whole weeks now and I haven’t blogged anything yet, mostly because nothing is finished and I’m not quite sure where to start.  Should I post finished rooms with before and after shots, or bits and bobs along the way?  While I dither about what to post on a blog read by N and a handful of people who really don’t mind, here’s a couple of shots from the past couple of weeks.



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Blank canvas complete….let the fun commence….

At last all of the DIYing is finished in our bedroom and i can get started making it beautiful with pictures, fabric and furniture.

The only major thing that we haven’t done yet is replace the radiator for a chunkier and shorter one giving us more wall space for me to clutter up with furniture.  We are planning to do this but not until we tackle the bathroom (next project) so we don’t have to drain the system down twice.

We’ve already chosen the curtain poles, we’re having those made by an iron monger in Worcestershire  that we found on eBay and i chose the curtain material in December.  To be honest, the fabric was a major impulse purchase but i loved it and it was discounted so i couldn’t resist.  I always buy fabric for curtains in end of line shops and there are 2 excellent ones near my mums house so i’ve never paid more than £7 or £8 per metre (and often less).  I wasn’t brave enough to take on making the curtains myself so they’re being made by a local lady who does them for £10 per drop and i’m collecting them this week!


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My new friend

Today me and the small person set off down winding country lanes to a beautiful (rain soaked) hamlet to pick up a new toy. Luckily my latest eBay purchase squeezed into the boot of my little car.

Sold as seen. £18. The answer to my windows-too-large-for-off-the-peg-curtains dilemma. If it works, that is. And if I can teach myself to sew…




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