My new friend

Today me and the small person set off down winding country lanes to a beautiful (rain soaked) hamlet to pick up a new toy. Luckily my latest eBay purchase squeezed into the boot of my little car.

Sold as seen. £18. The answer to my windows-too-large-for-off-the-peg-curtains dilemma. If it works, that is. And if I can teach myself to sew…





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6 responses to “My new friend

  1. 19th century modern squared N

    Fab! Bargain! Xxx

  2. I’m guessing that post was you, B? (sorry I get easily confused and sometimes can’t work out who’s who…)

    Nice machine! I have 2 old Singers now (one of which isn’t working properly and a manual hand-turned one that I’ve used for sewing EVERYTHING I’ve ever made so far) but I was also given a brand spanking new electric one as a wedding present which I’m quite excited about. If you ever want to get together for some sewing club action let me know! x

    • 19th century modern squared N

      It was B but sewing club sounds fab wish i could partake but being 100 miles away probably makes it a little impractical!

      • Hi N, sewing club doesn’t actually exist yet (except for in my mind) but next time you’re in Brum, bring your machine if you have one (or you can borrow one of mine) and we could have some sewing-related fun round B’s.

        …B, hope you don’t mind me offering up your house!!

  3. B

    Of course not! I feel a sewing party coming on. Although I first need to visit the sewing machine shop on Poplar Road for some tlc for the Singer…

    • That’s where my new Janome’s from! The man that owns it, Frank, is great. Pop round when you’re in the area, would love to see your Singer. And you of course!

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