Our bedroom

So finally a few before photos……..

As you can see the hideous wallpaper was put on with real care and attention!

The stone fireplace was painted white and the cast iron insert had been painted with black gloss paint I think.

And under the radiator there was evidence of wallpaper from a long time ago!

There is the remnants of a pull switch to control the big light which I am definitely going to restore to its former glory, there’s one in the spare room that we’ve been sleeping in since we moved in and it’s really useful and a bit retro i think!

So we’ve done most of the work in this room now and I’ll be taking a few pics this week to post soon and once the floor, walls and fireplace are all sorted then the real fun can begin, making it beautiful with fabrics and furniture!  I’ve been scowering the internet for months now looking for inspiration for this room and collecting it all on my beloved Pinterest board – Night Night Sleep Tight – http://pinterest.com/mrsnsw/night-night-sleep-tight/ .  Here’s a few of my favourite pics

House and Garden via Dahlias, Dreams and Damask.
I love the colours, in particular the rug, the white walls, the baskets either side of the fire (i might get some to keep my scarves in).

Via Marlow 35
Lush floorboards and floor length curtain and mustn’t forget the lovely white walls!

Via Desiretoinspire.net
Really like the neutral aged walls, old suitcases (I’ve already started a collection for on top of my wardrobes), gilt mirror and beautiful chandelier.

Looking forward to the completion of the blank canvas, not long to go now!



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  1. B

    Can’t wait to see it! WTF is that wallpaper all about? And gloss paint on cast iron?! The ideas are gorgeous and very ‘you’. xxx

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