Some grainy pictures of the old place

Okay, so I didn’t get round to taking some aesthetically pleasing pictures of the house before I started packing it into boxes.  Most of these are the pictures I took for the estate agent with my unmodified and unprofessional iPhone camera (and therefore are more about fitting as much into one shot and making it look as large as possible).  But before I start posting pictures of artex, lilac bathrooms and peeling wallpaper in our new home here’s a few snaps of what we’ve left behind.

Front reception room: hall, dining room and study all rolled into one

Middle reception (with baby gate for extra glamour!)

Postage stamp kitchen (with exposed pipework from 11th hour boiler replacement)

Master (if you can call it that) bedroom

Second bedroom

Our replace-the-taps-and-live-with-it bathroom

And a little garden


The new place is terrifyingly more substantial.  But hopefully it should keep me in ‘projects’ for the next decade so perhaps that’s no bad thing.


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