A few pics of our old place

Here’s a few pics of our old flat, we lived there for 5 and half years.  We contributed a new kitchen, a lick of paint, some new carpets and curtains and some general TLC.  Like B and hubby, we too left a few projects for the next custodians, namely the unpleasant bathroom and the anaglypta in the spare room.

The living room was my favourite room in the flat, mostly because of it’s size, the beautiful gothic windows and door that took us ages to restore back to their former glory and that wonderful original stone fireplace!

Next, the kitchen, although it’s small we felt we made it perfectly formed with floor to ceiling storage, high gloss cupboards with no handles and natural slate on the floor and as a splash back.

Then the master bedroom.

This is the second bedroom, watch out for the anaglypta however it looks much better white than it did when we moved in when it was a dark mauve colour (i reffered to it as sicky purple for quite some time!)

And finally the bathroom.

And so ends the tour of our old place.

Next post i’ll intro the new project, our 19th centruy house in need of sympathethic modernisation!




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3 responses to “A few pics of our old place

  1. 19th century modern squared N

    I’ve tried so hard to get my pictures on this post but it just won’t have it, ive added them multiple times, i’ve tried reducing the size of the images, deleting them from my gallery and uploading them again and simply adding them again everytime they disapper but nothing works – i just can’t get the perfect draft with all pictures included to translate to the published post! I’ll try again tomorrow! Nx

  2. B

    I fixed it! But should really be working…

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