Hello B!

Well, having finally set aside some time to overcome my computer illiteracy I am all logged on and ready to go!

I’m left feeling a little melancholy after reading your recent post “Parting is such sweet sorrow”.  Your departure from the city village we have both inhabited since 2006 (and you for longer) really signifies the end of an era with us having already departed last November.    It reminds me of slow roasted lamb shoulder with pomegranate and mint, home-grown sorrel (I really must grow my own this year) and your cosy living room with its especially small sofas that complimented it’s small but perfectly formed space.  And it’s got me thinking about the things I’ll miss the most apart from living round the corner from you!  Our favourite pub with its miss matching lamp shades and furniture, plentiful quality ciders on tap and wicked veggie burgers.  Not to mention the monthly farmers market with its ostrich burgers, organic veggies and beautiful dahlia flower stall, I’ll be growing my own this year!

And then a mention of the home we’ve left behind, after the harassed and hectic manner with which we said goodbye, it’s reassuring to start to remember our beautiful gothic flat for the wonderful home we made it rather than the box filled, fraught space it was for the last 3 months of our time there.

Heres to the start of our parrallel journeys to restore and revive our new homes!



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  1. B

    It was such a beautiful flat. Those windows! At least all of your gorgeous paraphernalia is portable: I can’t wait to see it in the new house. And yes, I will also be missing decent pubs. It’s all sticky floors and old men in the new place :(. Not much call for Fransiskaner, smoked fish and DJ Julie.

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