Slowly but surely…by B


A bit of colour (okay, it’s mostly a restricted pallette of green, blue, white and purple) in a slowly evolving border in the back garden.  The forget me nots are spreading nicely (with a bit of help).  The euphorbia wulfenii is looking majestic with its acid green plumes.  The ‘Shirley’ tulips have started off a lemon and lime white shade, and are maturing gradually with purple tinged petal edges.  A few bluebells are peeping through the greenery, and  I’m looking forward to the allium ‘purple sensation’ popping its purple pompoms, and the nigella seedlings (the result of a scattered packet of seeds) launching their frothy blue stars.  There’s more to do, and I definitely need to plug a few gaps in the bulb planting come autumn, but it’s feeling like progress.

The borders in the back garden were small, lined by a very ugly, cracked concrete and aggregate path, and covered in blue plastic and bark chippings.  Time and money have prevented a dramatic makeover.  Instead I’ve gradually removed the plastic and path, reshaped the border edge, enriched the soil as much as I can with the contents of our dalek compost bins, and removed the largest stones (it is mostly builders’ rubble with a handful of clay topsoil, it seems).  I pruned the laurel, and transplanted, divided and spread around a tiny clump of forget me nots from our last house.  Allium and tulip bulbs were added last autumn from Wilkos (bargain!).  Euphorbia wulfenii and cardoon plants (just a mound of silvery foliage so far this year) were the only extravagance, bought from Sara Raven two years ago.  I’m waiting for the miniature alchemelia mollis plants from Aldi to do something interesting (planted about a month ago).

This gardening lark is fun, but I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, and thinking in 4D (not just space, but time, planning the seasons) is one hell of a challenge.  And don’t even mention dandelions and bindweed.  Just don’t.

Oh yeah, and the bastard earwigs munched most of my daffodils.  Grr.


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  1. Looking very nice indeed. Just don’t become so obsessed that you end up building a polytunnel like Mag!!

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