Spring continues… by B

Most of my little projects seem to revolve around small people these days.  This week it was smallest one turning 2, with his favourite character, Peter Rabbit, perched on a Mr McGregor’s garden cake. I have to say easiest cake ever (far easier than anything that involves making complex shapes from sponge cake).


It involved a simple chocolate sponge cake, chocolate buttercream, a pack of marzipan and some food colouring (to make vegetables), green petit fours cases (for cabbage and cauliflower leaves), white chocolate crispy cakes (cauliflower), green fruit winders (for carrot leaves and pumpkin tendrils), crumbled bourbons (soil) and some cocktail sticks to help the veggies stay put.  And Peter, of course.


Still enjoying spring time too, with two bunches (always at least two) of supermarket daffodils are brigntening up a corner of the living room.  Can’t remember if I’ve blogged the bookcase before, but it was a £30 ebay find (solid wood, a bit lived in), with some Ikea origami design wallpaper pasted to the back of each shelf.  It’s a good dust-free and relatively toddler-proof home for my expanding collection of Denby Chevron crockery (handed down by my Gran).

I’ve been painting a bit of furniture and doing some gardening too, but need a bit of spare time (yeah, right) to take some photos. I also need to delete a million photos off my phone so that I can update iOS and start using Camera+ again (best phone photo editing app ever) which explains the even dodgier than usual pictures in recent posts!


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