Plotting… by B



Happy 2015.  It’s very January. But that allows for a bit of warm weather daydreaming.

Money is still tight so there won’t be any structural or expensive projects for a while. The back garden needs some professional input to remove old, crumbling (and treacherous if you’re two feet tall like my son) hard landscaping. We’ve planted some structural perennials and shrubs, but it’s a long way, and a few quid away from a coherent scheme.  However, there is a lovely, unused, south-facing plot in the front garden, so I’ve been given permission to spend our Christmas gardening vouchers on making a flower garden/cutting patch.  It’s a bit daunting (particularly as the neighbours will have a good view of my cock ups), but exciting too.

All of the spring bulbs I hastily threw in the ground last autumn came from Wilkos but this time for a treat I’m going to buy some Sarah Raven seeds and seedlings.  That way if it goes wrong I know it’s me, not the materials, at fault.  I’m using Louise Curley’s wonderful book (it really is, and the reviewers on Amazon agree), basing our patch on her ‘easy bed’ plan, but swapping her colourful blooms for similar all-white versions (trying to keep it classy in the front garden). Let’s see what we can do with £50 and some elbow grease.


Oh, and I packed the advent calendar away before taking a pic in its fully-opened splendour. Duh!



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2 responses to “Plotting… by B

  1. 19th century modern squared N

    Hey B, I’d love to hear/see how it goes and pick your brains sometime, it sounds like you’ve done some research and planning which is more than I can say for my gardening escapades so far. My approach has been more, buy plants on offer and chuck them in and see what happens, suffice to say it’s not panning out too well!! Lots of love Nx

  2. Sabs

    Sounds really nice, looking forward to seeing some photos when the flowers are up!

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