Here comes Christmas… (by B)


We had a little wooden advent calendar when I was small (mum still puts it up each year). To continue the tradition I decided to make one (well paint and fill a hobby craft blank) as everything i found to buy was pricey and/or twee. It looks a bit ameteurish but that’s part of the charm. It will look better when the tree is fully adorned with my collection of of trinkets and new wooden decorations come the 25th. X



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4 responses to “Here comes Christmas… (by B)

  1. Sabs

    I think it looks fab, not amateurish at all! Will you out a photo of it complete with trinkets at Christmas please, I’d love to see the finished article!

  2. 19th century modern squared N

    Me too, it looks lovely, are you putting pressies for the little people in there – what’s going in? Nx

    • B

      No prezzies this year – big one is excited enough about mini decorations and doesn’t expect chocolate every day (yet…). X

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