Treasure! – by B



A reclaimed brass door handle and escutcheon for the front door.  It was surprisingly tricky to find a chunky handle but here are my beauties waiting for the joiner (our neighbour) to fit at the same time as draughtproofing in preparation for demolition of the porch.  Naturally they were from Ebay sellers, but they were reasonably priced (£50 and £5) compared with reproductions.  Ebay is my new Pinterest, and luckily we don’t have a van as otherwise we’d be swamped with impulse-bought furniture we don’t need and can’t afford :).

PS N you said you’d painted the front door, can we have a quick snap? x


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  1. 19th century modern squared N

    The chunky brass is fab, we too have resisted the temptation to replace our door furniture with the silver coloured stuff which lends itself well to some of the wonderful Farrow & Ball colours! I’ll post a pic soon Nx

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