Bathroom tart up – by B

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Okay, so it’s a year since I scrubbed and gave the bathroom a mini makeover. It’s going to be old and tired before I blog it – and I think I was waiting for it to be perfect. This past couple of weeks’ blogging has made me start to appreciate what we’ve got rather than wishing it was better. So here are our efforts.

It’s our main bathroom but on the small side (N, you have the right idea converting a spacious bedroom into a luxurious bath).  We also have a quirky sloped ceiling that accommodates the stairs to the second (or third if you’re American) floor.  And the walls and ceiling are covered in spiky artex.

Mostly this quick fix involved elbow grease, a lick of paint, some new lino, a loo seat and a sealant gun.  I’ve spared you a detailed photo of the stick on plastic bath seal removal; suffice to say it felt like the family of six who lived here had left half their epidermis stuck behind it, and the taps were stuck to the bath with rust.  Our wonderful fixer man fitted a new cheap electric shower and replaced the taps (worn and rusted gold plate) with Screwfix jobs (the ‘C’ has already worn off the basin tap but at the price I paid I’m not surprised). Total cost about £300. It’s still a bugger to clean (textured tiles and limescale) but it doesn’t feel so much like my student house circa 1998!  The vases etc I already had and the picture is wrapping paper from Rockett St George.  Here’s what it looked like before…

image image image

N, your bathroom is flippin’ gorgeous, but if I stop saying I can’t wait to have one like it then I hope I can enjoy this one a little more :).  x


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  1. 19th century modern squared N

    I love the colours in the butterfly poster and the big checks of the black and white floor. Your coloured glass collections always look fab too, I remember the lovely green tones in your last place and really like the orange ones here Nxxx

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