Rodney St Front Door Inspiration


What do you think of the colour B?  I’m thinking of choosing a pale colour, either baby blue like above or a minty green, I think it’ll look great against the red brick.  Do you think I’ll need a cream surround as it is here or do you think I can get away with white?



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by | 11/09/2012 · 5:07 pm

One response to “Rodney St Front Door Inspiration

  1. B

    That’s gorgeous, and will work really well with your coastal light, I reckon. They (the conservationists) all say white paint is a no-no as the Victorians didn’t have access to the pigments, but I say go for it if you like it. Our nasty old plastic windows are white so I’m going to paint our sills and lintels in white to match and see how it looks. We were going to get a stone mason to repair and replace as necessary but as it would cost £6K I’m going to get a builder to patch them until we have more money, so they’re going to be painted rather than bare stone (something else the conservationists don’t like).

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