Spare parts

Okay, so life keeps getting in the way of blogging.  And decorating.  But here is one room that is on its way; the spare room.  It started life as a (20 year old, ripped and cartoon stickered) wallpapered room with a falling down curtain, and a carpet that had seen better days.

Remember this?

What’s been done:

  • Painted white (on top of the wallpaper as we couldn’t afford to strip it properly)
  • Carpeted in grey
  • Window dressed with another bargain IKEA roller blind until we can afford more
  • Fireplace board removed
  • Grate blackened
  • Dressing table found in an alleyway before we left the city painted and given new handles
  • Ercol armchair ‘covered’ (i.e. wrapped) in fabric
  • Canvas covered in same fabric

It needs more personality – some photos, and a bit more nature and art.  But it means that we have a nice place for guests to stay for the first time in two years.  Kinda vital when you have moved away from all of your friends (phew!)


Can you see the edges on that dodgy wallpaper?  And the minton floor (all the minton floors) still needs a good scrub with white spirit and wire wool.

This is part of a 3 piece Ercol suite picked up on eBay. The rest is yet to be titivated…

I can’t compete with N but hopefully the hydrangea stem from the garden will dry nicely (I can’t take any credit: it just grew). Bedside table also found in an alleyway in the city and needs a repaint!  And if I was a stylist it would be full of vintage fabrics amassed on my travels.  Oh well.

The bed is too big and my photography skills too poor to do it justice. I need some lessons, N!


The dressing table started out like this…

Before…the formica was just too nicotine stained and the handles wouldn’t polish up (they weren’t good quality anyway)

After a few coats of craft enamel and some new IKEA handles


Bed IKEA from old house (wouldn’t fit in our new room).  Bed linen Homebase (the glamour!)  Silk peonies TK Maxx.  Green pots (on mantel) and ceramic pin pot (at bedside – with the Queen’s seal) charity shops.  Green vases IKEA buys over the years.  Lamp IKEA.  Silk bird (stuffed with lavender) a lovely handmade present.  Fabric IKEA (for teenagers’ rooms, so they reckon).


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  1. 19th century modern squared N

    Love the fabric covered canvas and your upcycled furniture – I need an alleyway near here where people dump cool stuff like that! I’m not allowed any more project furniture anyway at the mo, not until I’ve done something with the old pine double cupboard I bought on eBay that is in need of woodwork treatment, a good rub down, some wax and new handles – definitely the next job once I’ve done the silk scarf cushions (yes, I have still not finished them!)

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