Fresh and light – by B


I’m glad the days are getting longer. While we wait for spring I’m forcing a few paperwhites in an old vase in some aquarium gravel (leftovers from mum’s Christmas present of several new vases and lots of jam jar single bulbs for our new year party guests).

On the left is a flamingo and hedgehog snow globe – the prototype from my daughter’s Alice in wonderland craft party.  The versions the kids created had at least 6 animals and 3 colours of glitter apiece: restraint is not a familiar concept to 5 year old girls.

And I really need a new phone these crap quality photos have to stop!





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2 responses to “Fresh and light – by B

  1. Sabs

    What a lovely idea to have a craft party. The snow globe looks really good…but how come no photos of the kids’ ones, of love to see the really bling ones!!

    • B

      Thanks Sabs! Craft party = not many kids, doing fun stuff (I’m much better at crafting with kids than facilitating musical statues with an audience of parents – I speak from bitter experience), doesn’t cost that much, and they get the best party bags ever so they’re all happy! We made polymer clay hanging hearts decorated with glass beads, pompom caterpillar clothes pegs, and charity shop espresso cup cress heads too. The globes all went home except E’s and I have no idea where it is!

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