A year in the newbie cutting patch – by B


April I think – pretty bleak and not much going on except for the existing Stoke Edith Pippin Apple tree sapling


May – Apple blossom and seedlings


May again – the raised bed from the back of the garden


Early July – sweet peas, poppies and pinks in bloom (and a new fence that needs a bit of sun bleaching)


August – add Ammi Visnaga into the mix


September – Ammi and dianthus finished, more than made up for by cosmos purity and leaning tower of echinops. Dahlia blanc y verde just coming into its own back right (not sure if it will do much this year before frost sets in). Scabiosa and poppy still throwing out a few flower spikes.  I’ve also stuck in some achillea and honesty seeds which are coming on nicely and should bloom next year/the year after.

This was a bit of a Christmas money experiment. It has helped me to understand the natural patterns of different annuals, perennials and even biennials. There is still a lot to learn, and I haven’t cut as many flowers as I’d expected (still got 2 kids under 5 and I’ve been working and passing a PhD viva in the gaps in between so forgive me) but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process this year.

In late winter the long-anticipated hornbeams are going along the back fence to improve the badly-overlooked-garden issue, and (perhaps the following year) the shed and decking will move to accommodate a second raised bed for edibles.

We we grew tomatoes last year and I had been regretting not doing so this year but the weather was not good for outdoor ripening so I doubt we’ve missed out.

in further news I’ve been planting 4 aldi clematis (at £1.80 worth the risk) and lots of grape hyacinths in pots with the kids. We’ll see if they play ball in the spring.

And the dining room is full of bathroom suite bits and there’s a timber box sash waiting to be fitted in the upstairs bathroom so there will be some more indoor house news soon I hope…


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One response to “A year in the newbie cutting patch – by B

  1. 19th century modern squared N

    I’m going to come to you for some advice once I have a little time to spend on our garden! My two little guys are still all encompassing but hopefully next year I might have some time!!
    Excited to hear your bathroom’s on the cards soon, looking forward to seeing the end result. Nx

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