Big girl room on a budget – by B


Dolls’ house and cabinet from Ebay (£35 and £30 respectively). Cabinet lined with Cole and Son wallpaper leftovers (thanks, mum). Origami animals and flower canvas by me. Map of UK £3 wrapping paper from Rockett St George, held up by a panel pin (like most of the pictures in our house!).


Random Google Shopping bed frame (£80ish) painted in F&B arsenic, bedding from IKEA


Old IKEA shelves, cable reel painted in F&B off black (eBay£20), old school chairs (eBay£25 for 4) upholstered in fabric remnants, Vertbaudet rug (which used to have fabric toadstools attached but long since destroyed), canvas and felt ball garland by me, other artwork including potato print Barbara Hepworth (Toddle Tate St Ives on holiday last summer) by little one. Those trouser hangers from IKEA are fab for kids’ drawings.


Old pine drawers (£20, eBay) again painted in F&B arsenic, IKEA telescopic shower curtain rail wardrobe (£10), branch mobile by me with a foraged branch and eBay birds, leaves, butterflies and eggs. The cast iron fireplaces in both kids’ rooms have been great for magnets of all kinds!


Beautiful quilt made by Sabs from tybaltkingofcatsblog originally for little brother but pilfered by sis

A little selection of pictures from another constantly evolving room.  About time I blogged it. Never finished but always improving, and changing to meet the needs of a growing girl. We might need a proper wardrobe and desk soon…


Mini gallery wall with Charley Harper animals (from an old calendar), butterflies, fabric, and card, coins and name picture from friends and family. Foam cell model from a very random selection on sale at nursery one day – she didn’t know what it was at the time, but liked it, and so do I.


The tessalation design picture has done the rounds, originally made by me 9 years ago (amusingly all the rage now). Rag rug IKEA. Red stool made by my cabinet maker great grandfather and on its fourth generation of being used as a train, play dining table and baking stool.



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2 responses to “Big girl room on a budget – by B

  1. Aah I’m so happy to see it’s in use and loved, whether it’s by little bro or big sis!

    • B

      They have done a swap – Wilf currently sleeping under the animal quilt you gave to her! Love home made stuff it’s so special. xxx

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