A snifter of autumn – by B


Beetroot and chocolate muffins, great grandma’s monogrammed spoon. We haven’t quite been up to eating the volume of beetroot that’s arrived in our veg box ‘au naturel’.


Flowers from the cutting garden at Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire, this week


A mini kitchen vignette – I promise I’ll do a proper post one day. I’m looking forward to the onion squash, my favorite type, and one I’m somehow hoping to grow.  For now Morrisson’s has come up trumps, and for a quid a piece I’m not moaning.


Cheeky coffee and muffin break while both kids are asleep (this is cause for celebration). And no, it isn’t my first muffin of the day.  Or the first batch of muffins this week.

I can’t believe I was in my shorts a week ago.  But after a proper British summer I’m just about ready for some autumn coziness.  Though I am beginning to remember how poorly insulated Victorian houses are, and still waiting on the joiner to draughtproof the front door!  As a result I have already improved on last year’s firelighting skills (no smoke in living room, big logs completely combusted, hurrah!).  Must. Not. Put. Heating. On.

I’ve done a spot of wallpapering with the smallest person, but unless you want to see it styled with crumpled bedding, baby wipes and earplugs it will have to wait for another day (it’s our bedhead, in case you were wondering).

PS the muffin recipe is from here and involves storecupboard ingredients and takes a few minutes to throw together (unlike many beetroot and choc recipes it doesn’t require posh choc and is non the worse for it).


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