New to us – 70’s unit – by N

photo (90)

Finally found a piece of furniture for a nook we’ve been trying to fill for a while – a Nana Smith donation – thanks Nana!
With wedgewood porcelain teapot candle holder, skull candle I’ve had since I was a teenager and refuse to burn, TKMax lamp, charity shop porthole brass mirror and a print we bought from



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2 responses to “New to us – 70’s unit – by N

  1. B

    That’s a beauty! And the bits and bobs make it. I love how you predicted the blue trend when you bought the chesterfield way back when. It’s all very Abigail Ahern! X

  2. 19th century modern squared N

    I didn’t know who Abigail Ahern was so just looked her up and wow – great website, am now following her on pinterest and her blog 🙂 x

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