The silk scarf procrastination – by N

I’ve been building a good collection of vintage silk scarves for ages with the intention of making some beautiful cushion covers and I have, as usual, been procrastinating over for it some time!


Recently I finally got round to it and I think the one I’ve finished makes the perfect accessory in our newly finished bedroom.  I’ve used a 60cm x 60cm cushion from Dunelm but to be honest it isn’t really big enough so I’m intending to order some even bigger ones from a store on eBay soon.  I am not an experienced seamstress, in fact I’d go so far as to say I’m not even very competent so that’s possibly why I put it off for so long.  I’ve gone for a grey linen type backing and I’ve opted for a pillow case opening at the back rather than a zip (it seemed easier!).


I think it looks fab on our bed and I’m intending to make a couple more because they’re great for propping us up when we’re catching up on missed american sitcoms (like New Girl or Mindy which I love) on our iPad while we’re all tucked up in bed!





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2 responses to “The silk scarf procrastination – by N

  1. Julie Swan

    Yay! That looks fab xx

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