A wintery Berlin trip

I have a friend and colleague in Berlin with the most amazing apartment.  I was lucky enough to visit her recently and whilst we sipped cups of Darjeeling tea to warm us up whilst it snowed outside, she allowed me to take a few pics of her home to share on here, thank you Yvonne!



You can see Yvonne's reflection in the picture.

You can see Yvonne’s reflection in this picture




I love the mannequins, the mix of old and new and the neutral palette!  She also has an amazing mirror ball and light combo which didn’t photograph well but produced an amazing light display in the hallway, it’s left me wondering where I can fit one in to my own house but J is yet to be convinced!




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3 responses to “A wintery Berlin trip

  1. B

    What a fab place. I love the breathing space that she gives all of the lovely objects and furniture. x

  2. B

    PS yes to the mirrorball – one day I’ll have one in my kitchen, but need to build the kitchen first :).

  3. 19th century modern squared N

    I know it would take so much discipline for me to put enough things away in my house to acheive this look!

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