Mirror mirror on the wall….

OK so I probably haven’t exposed myself as the true shopaholic I really am as yet but here’s the truth (B, I’m sure you are already aware!),  I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!  In whatever form, books, clothes, house stuff, either online or on foot!  Charity shops, designer boutiques or Ikea.  J, my husband, thinks I’m bonkers and can’t understand my endless appetite for looking at pictures of different rugs or searching eBay for the perfect bedside tables or the right dress for that christening in 2 months time, whatever the project I can while away hours browsing the net or trawling the shops, I love it!

Having done plenty of scouring to find the perfect mirror for over the fireplace in our bedroom, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites and the one we finally chose. I love mirrors, they make everywhere look lighter, brighter and bigger which is why they are one of my favourite ways to accessorize a room.

Brissi Josephine Mirror, John Lewis

Brissi New England Mirror, John Lewis

Over Mantel Mirror, Graham and Green

And some of my favourite looks with vintage ones:

Design Sponge: Sneak Peek Paula Mills and Family

Petits Papiers

As you can see we went with the Lattice Window Mirror from Graham and Green which I’m over the moon with.

My bedroom fireplace with the Window Lattice Mirror from Graham and Green




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2 responses to “Mirror mirror on the wall….

  1. B

    I love it! And are those flowers real? I can see those lovely curtains too. Are you spending all of your time lying in bed staring at the fireplace?

    Those inspiration pics are amazing too. Mirrors are on my wishlist but too pricey at the moment so need to keep on dreaming.


    • 19th century modern squared N

      Yes, they’re real, they are the pink peonies, I was saying I was waiting for them to open when we last spoke I think.
      Have you got any auction places near you? I’ve started going to one near here and I picked up a nice art deco mirror for the bathroom a few weeks ago for £5.

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