Our new home, a work in progress…….

We moved in around 5 months ago and tangible renovation progress has been slow.  We’ve spent time and money on lots of unseen things on the roof that, amongst other things, has made the house water tight again and allowed us to use one of the fireplaces having had the chimney stack rebuilt and a reclaimed pot put back on.    The first of 3 that need doing to enable us to use all of the fireplaces in the downstairs of the house and our bedroom.  We also did a rush paint job on one of our reception rooms to cover up the mysetrious yellow staining on the lower walls (possibly dog wee – yuk!) so we could have Christmas dinner for the family in there.  Overall our new home is livable but very tired having been rented out for a number of years and after rushed DIY efforts in the past, and regrets over not having done things properly the first time, we have decided a one at a time approach to each room is the way to go to get things right and stay sane whilst living amongst all the mess.  The first room we’re working on is our bedroom, before photo’s in next post………….



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  1. B

    We need pictures! I can’t bear the suspense! xxx

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